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The town

“Piacenza è terra di passo”  Leonardo Da Vinci used to write in ‘Codice Atlantico’. Being located at the junction of  four different regions, it is, consequently, the gate of Emilia: founded on the river Po, it is surrounded by the hills and mountains of the Apennines. Former Roman colony, subsequently an important medieval centre, it has always been an ideal rest area for princes and pilgrims on their way, crusaders and templars, tradesmen and artists who left their mark here.

“Segnori vu sie tuti gi benvegnù e zascaun chi che vera sera ben vegnu e ben recevu” (Sirs, you are all welcome, and whoever comes will also be welcome) says the “Targa del benvegnù” (welcome plate), a slab witnessing a gift for hospitality which is part of Piacenza's DNA. Though looking reserved, the town has a warm heart which is worth discovering. Thus, Piacenza is worth a stop, and the reasons are several.

town history - what to see - how to get there - where to sleep - where to eat


There are many ways to visit the town, different perspectives to interpret its streets, squares, palaces, monuments. Even in Piacenza places may be discovered, for instance, through its history, the people who lived it or what it may offer. Here are some possible itineraries, recommended, though not the only ones, just possible suggestions to have a taste of Piacenza.

Medieval Piacenza Via Francigena’ in PiacenzaRenaissance Piacenza - Piacenza between the 17th and 18th centuries - Piacenza between the 19th and 20th centuries Piacenza and Giuseppe Verdi - Piacenza, a city of museums - Piacenza, a city of theatres -
Piacenza, a city of mistery - Piacenza, a city of music - Piacenza, a city of sport

Food & wine tourism

There are uncountable manners to satisfy taste in Piacenza. The territory has been known for good food and wine ever since ancient times. Cured meats, cheese, wine and cuisine were, for example, introduced at the court of King Philip V of Spain, the spouse of Elisabetta Farnese, in the 18th century, and are still appreciated by today’s food lovers, who cannot but enjoy tasting our specialities. Are there any better souvenirs of Piacenza than one or more of our delicious products to take home with you?

recipes - wines - cured meats - types of cheese - where to eat

The river Po

Tourists visiting Piacenza may see the city and its surrounding areas from a different perspective, that of the river Po, sailing along the part of the river going from Piacenza to Cremona. A boat slowly takes them across castles and villages, rows of poplars growing  on the banks, unusual foods. During the trip they  may enjoy forgotten views and landscapes and get to know its geography, its bird fauna and flora. The places met on the way are rich in curiosities and anecdotes connected with the ancient history of the peoples who’ve been living on the river for millennia..

Po di Lombarda : River sailing Lodi Piacenza - Visit Po River : sailing itineraries along the River Po

Outside town

Offering to view a varying landscape, characterised by a succession of flat land, hills and mountains. These range from Tidone Valley, with its sweet hills, covered by vineyards, to Trebbia Valley, green and narrow, meandering with the river, to Nure Valley and its peaks, a series of rocky mountains, small lakes, meadows and woods, to the Arda Valley, revealing well preserved remains of the prehistorical sea that used to cover part of it. Not to mention the River Po and its low lands, a transverse land, dominated by the floods and droughts of the great river. Nature, art towns (Bobbio, Castell’Arquato, Grazzano Visconti and Vigoleno), castles, sports and tastes. Piacenza has everything you need to enjoy your stay.
tourist information website of the province of Piacenza - associazione castelli del Ducato di Parma e Piacenzastrada dei vini e dei sapori dei colli piacentini - strada del Po e dei sapori della Bassa Piacentina - Terre Francigene Piacentine e dell'Emilia
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